Basic Fly Fishing Casts

 Basic Fly Fishing Casts

Basic 2 fly fishing casts you should master
to be a successful fly fisherman in
Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico


Remember on the How to Choose Fly Rods page, fly fishing great and fly rod builder Tom Morgan, "During the last 40 years, most trout have been taken from 20 to 40 feet and I expect the next 50 years will be the same." 

What this means is that you don’t need to learn how to lay out 60 and 70 feet of line plus 10 feet or 12 feet of leader to catch fish.  This is particularly true in Colorado where the average stream is some 60 feet or less wide.  If you are trying to shoot those long casts, you are missing fish at your feet.

A professional guide I know teaches teaches her students to fish at 10 to 12 feet and has said in class that many fish are caught within seven feet of you.  (I personally have caught fish within 4 feet of where I was standing.)

So the only two casts you really need to master are the "Tension Cast" and the "Roll Cast" to reach out those some 20 to 30 feet for your fish.  If you are trying to punch casts longer than this, STOP.  Wade closer and wade quietly until you can get into a better casting position. The overhand cast is useful but not necessary to catching fish. The overhand cast will be covered separately.

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