Best Fly Rods

Finding the best fly rod for you


Marshall Estes on Bear Creek West of Denver Sep 04 with G. Loomis Rod

Ask a group of fly fishermen which is the best fly rod and you will find various different opinions.  Many are based on the level of experience of the fly fishermen, where they normally shop, what magazines they read, income levels and so on.

For example, those who have used St. Croix Fly Rods may prefer the Legend Elite or the Avid series. Those that have fished a lot with a Sage Rod will most probably recommend Sage or perhaps a Redington as their choice for Best Fly Rod.

A lot of the preferences are based on trust and the fishing experience of a shop owner or information on a website.  If a customer feels comfortable, they will be more likely to spend their money there.  Higher end shops attract higher end clientele, middle class shoppers will be most comfortable in a middle class shop.  The bargain shoppers go to the big box store, a local sporting goods chain or a discount sporting goods store.  They will purchase an inferior outfit and end up with an inferior experience., will provide you with

  • History of Fly Rods — Information about how fly rods were made.  An overview from medieval times to present.

  • analysis of fly rods – how to tell a premium fly fishing rod from a cheap one

  • how modern fly rods are manufactured

  • how to choose fly rods

    • information to help the beginner pick a fly rod or fly rod outfit

    • how to pick fly fishing rods suited to the type of water and species you normally fish.

    • recommendations on the best fly rods available for Fly Fishing Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico.

  • basic 2 fly fishing casts — you should master to be a successful fly fisherman in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico  (Yes only two and neither of them is the overhand cast)

  • nymph fishing — Why you should fish nymphs more than dry flies!

    • Basic Stream Entomology

    • How to set your rod up for a 2 nymph rig

    • Using strike indicators or not

We do not attempt to cover all brands of fly rods nor do we cover all rods within a specific brand.

Suggestions about specific brands we think are good. Plus the recommendations of professional guides and shop owners too.

We will leave the salt water fly rods to others better qualified to cover salt water fly fishing.